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    Saturday, October 20, 2012

    XiaoZhu d' great

    Morning 20/10/2012 ard 9.35, he passed away~ my fave. So hate to accept the fact that u are leaving us. Slept with u for ur last night with us at the living, keep waking up a few times. every time when im up, i watch u struggling and yet I can't do anything. I'm sorry darling I can't help all I can do is accompany u till the end! From today onwards, i will not longer receive any welcome when im back at home. i will miss it! I love you piggy! Please rest in peace. Everything will be fine after u go there, no more struggling, no more pain, no more sad. Find a good people and born a new life, I believe u can because u have been our great dog in this life! I love you!

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012


    Friday, September 21, 2012


    I'm trying hard to control my feeling right now! Please let me go through!

    Thursday, September 20, 2012



    Tuesday, September 18, 2012



    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    一言难尽 @@

    Hi bloggie~~~~
    Im so sorry that I have abandon you for so long until today I feel like start to blog again~ as promised I will post about my overseas trip but ........ I'm too lazy =x

    Well, I'm not sure where should I start from but well.... Life nowadays is pretty good? Or I can say bad? I'm not so sure about it maybe 50% ~ 50%?

    Alright let's start about relationship? This I can say is pretty good everything went perfectly with my piggy but it just that he is pretty busy nowadays OT everyday back at home late everyday~ we hardly have time together nowadays but at least I felt I have more space to breath~ well well~~ he is not the 1 who control me a lot but I dare to admit that I controlled him a lot and I so used to it to see him everyday be with him everyday~ so maybe all his busyness made me to be a wiser young lady? Let us to have more space to breathe more freedom. =)

    Then... On other part I found that nowadays I met a lot of 烂桃花~ Alright! I shouldn't said anything like that but.... This place is the only place where I can speak out all the true and this is the place where I can be myself! I'm sorry baby but ......
    I feel my heart shaky all the time now! Maybe 1 of the reason is my baby recently been bz with his work spend lesser time with me and I hang out a lot with another group of people which makes me really feels that something is wrong with me! ><

    But still......... Baby I ❤ you!

    Then come to work life! This is the biggest problem I'm facing now! =(
    Well I don't knw why out of sudden I lost track, confident, interest and all in my job! I really feel like resigning right now! I keep feel that boss keep picking on me and I start to thinks that my company does not give us any benefit! This is true which our company doesn't provide any good benefit! Well... I really wish to go now but at the same time I dont wan to benefit them to save giving my bonus! Arggfghhhhhh!!!! Somebody please help!!! ><
    Frankly speaking, when u set ur mind that u don't wan to stay here anymore, all u can think is.... Is all the bad but how abt the good memory? =(

    The only I dont bear to go is my lovely colleagues! I don't knw how true they treat me but I like the harmonic that we spend together~ just like a big family! ^^

    Conflict ~ ==|||

    Study life..... I been pretty lazy lately~ don't knw why really lazy no motivation to start do revision please help me!!!' I don't wan to fail my exam! =(

    Arghhh~~ 1st time using iPhone to upload a post~ different feeling but still~~~~ haha! I try my best to n come here and clear the spider web when I'm free! I'm sorry bloggie I need to leave u alone again =( good 🌙 💤💤💤

    Monday, December 5, 2011

    4♥12♥2007 ~ 4♥12♥2011 4周年 4years anniversary

    Yesterday was our 4 years anniversary....
    I couldnt believe it...
    It's 4YEARS we have been together....
    I'm so happy!
    For the past few days, we argued a lot because of small matter and I underestimate him that he wont be preparing any surprise and no romantic for me!

    I shouldn't jump into conclusion so fast which is so unfair to him.
    Anyway, I'm sorry my ♥.

    BUT, on the day before the 4/12,
    we were actually together @ Walker's, The Zon for some supercars show.
    Guess what happened?

    When the clock strike at 12am, he didn't wish me "Happy Anniversary" or something!
    I got so mad and cried!!!
    LOL... i know it's funny but it's because I put a lot effort and made him a album that belongs to us!

    Then, I throw my anger on him again.
    I, then send him a message that I don't want to see him next day for celebration and I off my phone immediately after that.
    Until the next noon, he actually apology but I still feel so sad.
    How can he missed the clock strike 12am???!!!

    But anyhow,
    Don't take things for granted.
    I forgive him at the end.

    He came at fetch me at my house and before I go into the car,
    He said: Please take out all your heels behind my boot.
    Me: Do I still have heels in your boot? I thought I bring down before already?
    He: YEAH! Please go at the back there and see!
    Me: Don't want... You take down.

    Then he take a bouquet of roses! 9 stalks of purple roses!
    OMG! my favorite colour! Touched!!! really! =D

    We went to Gianni's an Italian Cuisine Restaurant and have our romantic dinner.

    The moment we entered the restaurant,
    I asked: You booked the whole floor just for us?
    He: NO!!!
    Me: But is only 2 of us.
    He: No! No! NO!
    Me: Ok! FINE! I take it that u booked the whole place.

    This is because the entire floor it's only 2 of us...
    LOL! I know it's funny, but it's looks so real =)

    When I pass him the album I made.
    He read all the single words, after that I can see that he is touched and he give me a pity face that he is almost gonna cry...

    omg... couldn't believe it!

    but anyway,
    Thank you for the present and dinner and flower.
    I ♥ YOU, PIGGY! =D